Mar 28 2014

Healthy Fit Focus Film of 2014

The film ‘300 Rise of an Empire‘ was an awesome mix of fantasy, action, and pseudo history. The thing we loved most about it was the fact that the actors in the movie were in serious shape. Casting for a film like this isn’t easy, nor is it easy to earn a role. You need to be in tip top shape and stay there if you expect to make the cut.

These guys must’ve been doing some serious ab workouts and eating clean to pass the audition and also perform well in the movie. Just because it’s not a real battle your fighting, as an actor there is very real stamina needed to make most of those scenes take place. That on top of a mental strength equal to your physical shape is in tall order if you ask me.

Whatever these guys did to look that ripped, I’m sure it included long days at the gym, lots of chicken breasts, all the free trial bottles of garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones they could get their hands on, and lots of sobbing in the shower. Whether it was free garcinia cambogia supplements, or a major dent in the poultry population, it really did pay off with a smash hit at the box office and I’m sure most of these guys got a few extra phone numbers from the ladies 😉

But I digress,  having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about being on a movie set or trying to be the next ‘Spartan‘ at your local gym. It’s about living the way nature intended. Before cell phones, tv, and fast food. When we HAD to move our muscles to eat and have shelter and interact with each other.

We need to remember that we are less than 100 years from a past where working out, going to the gym, diet fads, and p90x were non existent. We should use these things to help us reach our fitness goals now, but let’s not pretend (or worse, fool ourselves) into thinking that this is the way it was done before.

People of old ‘worked out’ by simply living everyday life. They ‘ate organic food’ because there were no other options. I’m not suggesting we move to the woods somewhere and dress in potato sacks, but I am saying that we should realize that our bodies were made for a certain level of fitness, exercise, and dietary standards that are almost completely forgotten.

Take the time, watch the new 300 movie and envy those abs enough to change your life and get a year supply of Miracle Garcinia Cambogia pills as soon as you get home from the theater. Maybe we’ll see you on the next major film that earns our Healthy Fit Focus Film blog post :)